Once again, we are seeing an increading number of Americans visting my country (Canada) for medical tourist reasons. First, there was the recent Amtrack train running from LA to Vancouver BC (seniors prescription drug run), along with thousands (tens of thousands?; hundreds of thousands??; millions???) of others doing the same all along our shared border. Now, another another medical tourist venue has opened. This time it's a Seattle to Victoria ferry ride for Americans seeking flu shots.

Why is it that our health care system (strained as it is, as I've discussed on other blogs), is now expected to cover for the lack of political will, political vision, in the US? Despite Brad periodically arguing that the US style system is "pretty good" (even though he acknowledges 15 million or more are uninsured), why am I increasing seeing these stories of Americans "voting with their feet" and coming to Canada to get their health care needs filled, if this system is so good and meeting the needs of the many?

Americans have always prided themselves on being a "can do" people. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to elect people with the vision to provide the services so desperately needed in your own neighbourhood, rather than having to travel hundreds - or thousands - of miles to get the service at a reasonable price?

People are already "voting with their feet." Hopefully, they'll think a little more deeply about this over the next 10 days, and make a congruent vote in the booth, on election day.


on Oct 22, 2004
Interesting information there, Jay. Thanks for sharing this.